MIXED UP Wettbewerb 2016 Preisträger

The co-operation partners Starke-Stück-Theaterfestival for Young Audiences, the Schwalbach am Taunus and the Friedrich-Ebert-Schule Schwalbach have set up a theater-accompanying theater project.

Izaskun Fernandez and Julian Saenz-Lopez have been nominated for the MIXED UP Hesse 2016 prize as the winner of the theater project "Are you still dreaming or are you already invented?" Under the artistic direction of Lenka Wolf.

The video of the project: hier.
(Video: Leo Dorian Stiebeling).

Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung (BKJ), Arbeitsbereich Kultur macht Schule

Weiterbildung Innovativ 2009

Lenka Wolf receives the third prize for the outstanding, forward-looking and innovative training offer.