Personal Training

schult Ihre Fähigkeiten und Ressourcen für den Beruf. Wir setzen die Dinge für Sie richtig in Szene! Die Spielebene des Theaters schafft eine emotionale Nähe trotz Distanz. Lernerfahrungen werden so nachhaltig verankert.

Lenka Wolf personal Training

Personal Training

Acting techniques for the career stage: In the safety of a sheltered room, you identify your strengths and hidden talents and practice for the next presentation, the next talk, the upcoming change.

Your Professional Appearance

How do I stand correctly? What do I do with my hands? Are they still listening to me? - You want to improve the effect of your public speaking, relay complex content in a lively way, or practice for an upcoming presentation?

Personal training ist practice-oriented and caters to your wishes and goals.
In her personal training, Lenka Wolf links her directing skills with her experiences as a seminar leader, in theatre and intercultural communication. You will learn how to use body, voice and language in a lively way. You will wrap your contents in a well-told story. You will learn how to leave a lasting good impression with your audience.

The goal: After absolving your personal training you will approach high performance situations with new-found enthusiasm!

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“A great choice for everyone who wants to learn more about themselves and optimise their professional performance. Ms. Wolf, strong in her knowledge and skills, creates a positive atmosphere in which the participants can try out their capabilities and dare to go beyond their limitations."
Lisa Wagner (M.A. in Intercultural Communication and flight attendant for Deutsche Lufthansa)

"Lenka Wolf’s professional support makes speeches more structured and inspiring. Her tips and tricks from the world of theatre are fun and they emphasise individual strengths."  Dr. U. Hahn (Manager auditline Training & Consulting

„I am very pleased to have discovered a new and applicable method which I can use for my work with regional flight attendants.“
Wolfram Wipperfürth (Trainer for Lufthansa long-distance chief stewards )

"The training with Lenka Wolf is exceptionally well structured, playful and very effective. In just a few hours I became more expressive and now speak with much more energy. Lenka Wolf Peleteiro flexibly guides through the lively training, quickly gets to the point, and gives appropriate feedback! I can recommend her for all who need help with their professional performance, body language and rhetoric." 
Elena Gento Molero(Project Manager, KfW Bankengruppe)