schult Ihre Fähigkeiten und Ressourcen für den Beruf. Wir setzen die Dinge für Sie richtig in Szene! Die Spielebene des Theaters schafft eine emotionale Nähe trotz Distanz. Lernerfahrungen werden so nachhaltig verankert.

Lenka WolfTraining für Ihr Team


Learning playfully in a team: for a professional appearance, for dialogue with others, für sustainable relations. Training with theatre joins learning and doing to head, heart and hand.

Performance with Effect

Authentic and self-assured appearance, confident and convincing presentation skills – by using tips and tricks of the acting trade the seminar participants skilfully learn to use body, voice and language. You will learn how to raise an adequate level of suspense in your presentation in order to rouse the audience’s interest and to leave a lasting good impression.

The goal: Convincing the audience with competence and verve and getting them excited about the content.

Inhouse-training for six to twenty participants.

Team Development

Play, fun and suspense! When acting together, a team gets to rediscover itself. Each team member has the chance to find his or her playful nature and to then use it profitably within the team. The mutual playful experience connects. The participants try out new strategies to master conflicts and challenges, all the while developing fun scenes with rhythm, voice or mime.

The goal: to strengthen group awareness, to make teams more efficient, to direct the team to a mutual goal and to improve cooperation between the team members.

Inhouse-training for six to tthirty participants.

Intercultural Competence

Diversity in a company is a resource and leads to success for the team and the business. We see the focused promotion of intercultural competence not only as a way to endorse dos and don’ts for individual countries, but especially as a possibility for personal development and the ability to cooperate. To strengthen ties and to deal with differences comfortably in international business.

The goal: Connecting and respectful cooperation within intercultural teams and with international business partners.

Inhouse-training for six to twenty participants.

How and where?

Each offer is conceptualised to meet your personal request. These training units are suitable for companies, organisations, existing teams and project teams, for students and trainees. The venue can either be a seminar room in the company or an external theatre venue.


„We booked the course Presenting and Speaking as part of our mentoring program for PhD students. We weren’t at all sure how our mentees would react to the elements of drama education in which physical exertion and a certain amount of self-overcoming was necessary - so far away from the culture of discussions that they are used to at university. Considering that, we were particularly pleased by the excellent evaluation of the class. A special compliment was made to “the very dynamic and direct application of the new skills”. Exercises were created while being detached from the actual scientific text, so that “one could engage oneself differently”. The enthusiasm of the students was not limited to the workshop. The implementation of the newly learned skills was successfully demonstrated at the first conference.
Annabel Bokern (scientific coordinator of the postgraduate college Wert und Äquivalent, Universität Frankfurt) and Désirée Dietrich (project coordinator of Exzellenzcluster Normative Orders, Universität Frankfurt)

“In 2011 Ms. Wolf instructed 45 art mediators from Schirn Kunsthalle, Städel Museum and the Liebieghaus sculpture collection in a training lasting several days. Despite totally different backgrounds and characters, she managed to inspire, challenge and support all participants equally. The focus of the exercises especially onto our field of work contributed to the effect: voice exercises, role play and practical experimenting in front of the works of art strengthened and inspired the entire team! Ms. Wolf’s training still contributes considerably to the increase in quality of the guided tours. For this and also for the constructive and enriching cooperation we would like to express our heartfelt thanks! We have already managed to book her for the continuation of the training."
Céline Mülich (Education and Mediation - Städel Museum and Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung)

„It has been repeatedly demonstrated that learning with fun and action facilitates long-lasting successes. The 1,5-day training with Lenka Wolf confirms this: appropriate structure, frequent individual and relevant implementation, expedient theoretical explanation, a wonderful role model and a lot of laughter. I not only have fond memories of the training itself but I am reminded of it in the right situations, too. That is important - it shows that the training really works. With Lenka Wolf’s help I have managed to set a few behavioural anchors, which enable me to make strong and convincing appearances, especially when giving talks.“
Regula Sindemann (BambooMinds, Trainer & Coach)

“Perform with confidence and originality" - this is something many strive for.
Our clients’ management have already trained the appropriate wording for their presentations on an international platform. The icing on the cake is how to put on a convincing performance. There is absolutely no question about it: we enjoy working together successfully with our partner Lenka Wolf.
The excellent feedback from our enthusiastic participants makes our decision easy: regarding training for confidential dialogue, an effective performance, or for good communication within the team… Lenka Wolf will remain our partner in the future!
Anita Beyer (Owner of the Nations Language Training Center GmbH)

„Our educational leave is aimed at professionals who want to be able to speak confidently to a group of people and improve communication within their teams. Our consultant Lenka Wolf leads an interactive seminar in which the participants get to improve their expressiveness, voice and their relationship to the audience in repeated dry runs. The excellent feedback that we have received confirm our decision to book Lenka Wolf for further events.“
Susanna Horn (Head of evangelisch reisen, Evangelischer Regionalverband Frankfurt)