Theatre Education

“Who plays, learns! Who learns, lives! Who lives, plays!” (Jörg Roggensack)

Lenka Wolf Theaterpädagogik

Projects, Workshops, Train-the-Trainer

Are you looking for an artistic director for an amateur theatre project, a consultant for theatre education, a trainer for further education, performance, or a workshop?

Lenka Wolf Peleteiro will take on

  • artistic direction and project management of your (intercultural or amateur) theatre project, covering all aspects like production, organisation and engaging additional artists and experts.
  • conceptualisation and implementation of your workshop for cultural and educational institutions, schools and universities on topics such as improvisation, dramaturgy, interculturality, dance theatre, rhythm & movement & speech, moving from script to stage, character development, narrative technique, theatre education in teaching foreign languages.
  • supervision of Train-the-Trainer-Seminars: business trainers, coaches, speech coaches, teachers and pedagogues extend their repertoire. They will learn methods from theatre education, be introduced to acting and directing techniques, and how to use them in front of their audiences.


“Not only were the three days of training enormous fun, Lenka Wolf also gives amateurs the chance to practise gesticulation and expression of emotions so that these can later be consciously applied to everyday situations and in performances."
Catherine Talandier (German teacher from France)

"Lenka has been a guest at Elisabethenschule three times now, in lower school, middle school and in upper school! In all cases I was inspired by how much concentrated enthusiasm was transferred to the students in her intense rehearsals. In spite of difficult spatial circumstances, the results of the mornings’ work were presented each day. Both the students and I were astounded. At the beginning of the day, that was “something” that they would not have considered themselves capable of. To combine physical drama with a foreign language and musical elements is pure genius! ¡Gracias por esta experiencia! To be repeated!“ Ina Maria Simon, Elisabethenschule, Frankfurt a.M.

„Building relationships with visitor groups“ - this was the theme of our qualification for church guides. Lenka Wolf managed to get even the most difficult of participants to gain confidence. Reconciling body and voice and to train the sensitivity towards one’s own behaviour during a guided church tour. Everyone would like another training session with her.“ Elke Wirtz-Meinert (Head of catholic adult education, Wiesbaden)

„I experienced a theatre workshop with Lenka Wolf Peleteiro for a second grade Spanish class in the primary level of the European School Frankfurt. It was with great enthusiasm that the children tried out different movements, body expression and spontaneous portrayal of the various animal characters. After free improvisation, Lenka allocated the various roles to the children whom they most suited and the children then read and played the parts. The kids had an enormous amount of fun. Lenka has a way of instantly motivating the children and encouraging their creativity and improvisational skills. It was a great experience for us all.“
María Gloria Gross (European School, Frankfurt a.M.)

„Lenka inspires the children and gains their full attention. She has conducted several theatre workshops and performed little plays at the European School. I fondly remember her performance of the Spanish tale “The Milk Maid”. In a different workshop Lenka let the youngest children play with letters and their sounds and encouraged their bodily expression and psychomotor activity.
Lenka is very professional, creative and demonstrates great sensitivity and communication skills with the pupils. Thank you Lenka!”
Charo Lorenzo (Primary school teacher at the European School, Frankfurt a.M.)

„Lenka Wolf manages to inspire people in her workshops and projects. Whether it’s children, adolescents, students or teachers - everyone emerges with new energy after working with her. She knows how to convey content professionally and at the same time spread a good mood and fun. I especially value her versatility: production-based workshops, project weeks with students, multi-lingual trainings in English and French, moderation of public discussions and so much more are part of her portfolio.“
Nadja Blickle (Manager of the international theatre festival Starke Stücke)

„Eighth grade students attending a rhetoric workshop with Lenka Wolf learned how to skilfully use voice and body as an instrument when presenting and reading texts. With her professional and attentive nature she managed to create a pleasant and concentrated atmosphere. At the end of the day the students presented their results: confident adolescents, who were able to convince with their newly acquired skills.“
Benno Hennig von Lange und Lisa Schumacher (Project Leaders, Literaturhaus Frankfurt am Main e.V.)